.m4v files - iTunes video downloads

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08-07-2007 12:45:19

i have a few videos that i paid for and downloaded off of iTunes, and i need to free up space on my hard drive. i initially wanted to burn them to dvds and be able to watch them on my dvd player, but i can't remove the drm license or whatever. i came to the conclusion i'll just burn them to dvd like in a data format, but if i plug the dvd into any computer will it be able to pull up the files and play them? or is there some license encoded elsewhere on my computer in itunes or something that allows them to play? any help would be greatly appreciated ;)


08-07-2007 13:00:47

I believe that the DRM license is coded into the file itself, and it is customized to only work with the system it was originally put on. In theory, you should be able to burn it to a DVD, then play it on your computer (and nowhere else, unfortunately), but I don't think it will work that way, because nothing works that way, especially not DRM copywrite protection.

There is software for removing DRM protection, but unfortunately, I am drawing a blank as to the name or location of it.