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02-07-2007 17:39:02

I'm running Vista right now on my new laptop, and when it boots, it only shows the green progress bar and the (c) Windows thingy. It doesn't show a Vista logo or anything, whereas in XP, it shows "Microsoft Windows" with a logo.

Can this be fixed, or is this how Vista is?



02-07-2007 18:15:27

That's just how it is. You do know that those bootup screens are customizable, right? You can enabled a minimal GUI bootscreen by following these directions, which also link to instructions on making your own


Or you can download themes and/or bootscreens from most of the usual theme sites.


04-07-2007 05:36:18

Is it possible to use this image http//

Along with the green progress bar on bootup? If so, how would I do it, or how would I do it with that software? I've always been afraid of messing with bootup options.


05-07-2007 19:29:13

bumpy. )


05-07-2007 19:45:40

If you read that article I posted, or just use good ol' Google, you'll find that you can make a bootscreen out of any image, or you can download the hundreds of bootscreens that other folks have already made.


05-07-2007 20:15:39

But can that [image] be used along with the green progress bar/(C) Microsoft Windows screen? D