audio CDs crash my computer ...+KARMA

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30-06-2007 15:03:09

CDs with images, word documents, etc. are fine, but whenever I put in an audio CD it brings up a message that says "inCDsrv.exe is not responding." I click "end task," but then everything freezes and I'm forced to click the reset button. My first question is what is inCDsrv? Is it something from windows, or maybe it came with all the Nero programs I installed when I got my new disk drive awhile back? Any tips on how to fix it?


30-06-2007 22:41:19

It is a program that comes with Nero called InCD...conveniently enough. If you don't use the InCD program when using Nero, then you should be able to uninstall it with no problems.


30-06-2007 23:50:36

do you know what it does, specifically? I figured it might be important because it's always running in the background. do other Nero programs need it?



01-07-2007 11:11:52

nope. i use nero and don't have that process running. i'm sure it has some purpose, but it'd be better to just disable it and see if it does cause problems with nero. i'm sure you can google it also and find out about it.


01-07-2007 15:03:29

meh. I fixed it by uninstalling a bunch of Nero stuff. thanks guys +k


01-07-2007 16:04:32

Yeah, inCD always caused problems. P