File sharing between XP and 2000 --- Help!~

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30-06-2007 11:37:39

My computer with a great sound system runs 2000. My system that can manage my iPhone obviously is XP. Now instead of transfering all my songs to the XP computer which I don;t want to do, I want to file share between the PCs. Now it might be as simple as running NetSetup on XP but it doesnt allow the file to run n 2000 (only on 98, Me, XP, and Vista). So can anyone hel pme how to create a shared folder between an XP and 2000? Thanks


30-06-2007 12:09:11

It works like file sharing between any Windows versions, the network protocol is the same. Forget the NetSetup wizard thing, I never use that crap.

Make sure File & Print sharing are installed and enabled on both PC's. Do this through the network properties on the network connection. Then make sure the workgroup name on both PC's is set the same (default is WORKGROUP) and that you know the PC name of the 2000 machine. Then right-click on the 2000 folder and select Sharing (it's been ages since I touched 2000 so it might not be worded exactly the same). Assign a share name (or accept the default).

On the XP machine go to My Computer or Windows Explorer and makes sure the address bar is visible. Type [bccbdce10c9]\\win2000-pc-name\shared-folder[/bccbdce10c9] (substitute the correct names of course)and you will be prompted to login unless your credentials are the exact same on both machines. Type in the domain (the 2000 PC name) before the user ID, like [bccbdce10c9]win2000-pc-name\userid[/bccbdce10c9] and then the password of that account on the 2000 machine. You should now be browsing the shared folder.