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27-06-2007 13:35:41

Ok, not expecting a huge response here but I figured I would ask.

Does anyone know any forums that deal with motherboards, cpu's, overclocking etc...

I've seen TONS of them but most of them are not ACTIVE...only a few posts here or there or from a year ago

so does anyone know any active computer forums??


27-06-2007 13:51:01

dfi-street.com use to be good but it is under new management now so IDK

http//www.extremeoverclocking.com/ is always good
anandtech.com forums have some OK info
tomshardware has good reviews


27-06-2007 14:38:24

Sorry to threadjack but, what are some major uses for overclocking?
Is it benificial, and under what cicumstances would it be benifical to someone?


27-06-2007 14:45:25

[quote04c3ad49af="samz465"]Sorry to threadjack but, what are some major uses for overclocking?
Is it benificial, and under what cicumstances would it be benifical to someone?[/quote04c3ad49af]

Just makes your machine run faster ;) That thats a simple answer, theres many things to consider if you're going to OC


27-06-2007 14:48:50

http//www.hardforum.com/ is the best hardware forum out there.

Theres also the toms hardware forum.


27-06-2007 14:57:17

sweetness, keep em coming!


27-06-2007 15:03:13



27-06-2007 16:21:36

Tom's Hardware and Anandtech

Just fyi though, you won't seem that much of a noticeable improvement with overclocking, it mainly used for bragging rights.


27-06-2007 20:28:18

Ditto on the HardForum.

[quote5025775fc1="Daggoth"]Tom's Hardware and Anandtech

Just fyi though, you won't seem that much of a noticeable improvement with overclocking, it mainly used for bragging rights.[/quote5025775fc1]
I like Anandtech but really dislike Tom's Hardware.

And if you don't see a noticeable improvement with overclocking, then you're not doing it right or you don't have hardware that is OC friendly. Every system I've successfully OC'd has seen a quite substantial performance increase for CPU intensive tasks, such as gaming. But you have to know what you're doing, cherry-pick your components (CPU, RAM, Mobo), and know how to properly cool a system. I don't recommend it for the casual user, because it can result in some flakiness that you may not be prepared to troubleshoot and fix, not to mention there is always a risk of component damage if you push too far.


27-06-2007 21:15:52

Tom's Hardware has good guides on how to overclock, and it has a specific forum for helping out computer builds.

http/" alt=""/img150.imageshack.us/img="150/9387/c2div2.jpg[" alt=""/img24c5a61452]

1GH overclock from 2.4 to 3.4 GHz on my E6600, and I did not see a noticeable difference in any CPU-Intensive games/programs.


27-06-2007 21:55:16

No noticeable difference with a 1GHz OC? Then you were probably testing in something that was GPU bound instead of CPU bound.

Think about it. It's the same thing as going from a 2.4Ghz CPU to a 3.4Ghz CPU. How could you not tell a difference in a 1GHz increase??? I know I can.

I've noticed substantial improvements with much less of an OC than that. Did you run any CPU benchmarks by chance?


27-06-2007 22:05:40

Gaming loading screens, Video encoding/decoding - Did not notice much of an improvement.

I did not run CPU benchmarks, but I can re-overclock the CPU to do them if you want. I reset it back to normal because it was 10degrees C hotter when OC'd.


27-06-2007 22:13:55

Don't do it on my account -- I'm quite confident and comfortable with my own OC results, so it really wouldn't serve to prove anything to me anyway. ;)

Game loading screens are virtually never improved by OC'ing. That's a disk I/O intensive process, and takes about the same time no matter the CPU speed. Game performance, however, should improve until you're GPU bound.

Video encoding/decoding should have seen a noticeable improvement, unless it is being offloaded to the GPU. NVidia and ATI both have cards that accelerate encoding/decoding, so that could be why.

I assure you that with a 1GHz bump a CPU benchmark will show a marked increase -- that's almost a 50% boost!


28-06-2007 03:37:39

God you guys need to learn the lag! LOL. By that I mean there is differant types of lag you just naturally come to 'feel'. Once you know the basics of computers, and the more advanced, you just start to know what type of part your computer is bottlenecking at.

Like in supreme commander it has a lot of live physics so if your graphics setting is all the way down and you are still getting sporadic/low FPS/random lag it is probably not your GPU and your CPU/RAM.

Remeber your GPU helps your overall FPS but not the lag spikes you get from ram/cpu. You could have a amazing GPU and getting amazing 3dmarks benches but have a shitty ingame experience cause your CPU/RAM sucks.

Of course you could just be hitting enough CPU/RAM and don't really need any more for what you are computing and OC'ng is a waste. But it always somewhat helps to smooth out everything. Espically if you do CPU/RAM intensive programs what really CPU/RAM ocing is for like PAR checking or CRC checking or encoding or what not. Although OCng fucking owns and there is no reason not to do it. Espically with today's intel core 2's where you can OC on stock cooling no prob.


28-06-2007 05:19:17

Only could get my new rig to overclock from a 1.8 to a 2.2

Not that good...but my ram sucks and heard my mobo isn't the best for OC. But it's a dual core and running lightening fast right now.

I looked back at my old invoice for newegg and this is the ram I have, ack. Definetly holding me back.

KINGMAX SuperRAM 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model MPXD42D-2K - Retail

Edit I just got recommended to do a memory divider...i'll try dropping it from 200 to 166/133 when i get home and see if I can push my fsb higher

Edit The guys over at "AnandTech" are super helpful!! I've learned so much already and I was doing a lot of things wrong, I should be flying once I do what they suggest

Edit Alright! I got it running at 2.4 stable. That is decent.


05-07-2007 19:01:56

AMD Opteron 165 1.8 Ghz OC'ed to 2.5 Ghz
FSB @ 279 x 9 Multiplier
Memory Divider 133 Mhz
HT Speed 3x @ 835 Mhz
Memory Timings 2.5, 3, 3, 7
Vcore 1.376V
VDimm 2.7V + 20mv

Temp Core 1 40 Idle
Temp Core 2 32 Idle
Temp Core 1 53 Load
Temp Core 2 52 Load


05-07-2007 19:29:41

Could my ASUS G1S (T7500 processor) be overclocked? D