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25-06-2007 18:12:47

Ok ...with my new mobo and processor coming, I have 4 sata II hook ups.

I have two sata hdd's i'm putting in


the 400 is going to be my boot drive. And the 300 giger will just be a secondary storage drive.

But I'm reading through the manual and see "Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 0+1, Raid 5"

WTF does all those terms mean, i just want two sata II drives running with no ineraction between them, just like running two ide drives. The manual is pretty decent so if someone knows the terms on how I should set it up I can probably get it setup.


25-06-2007 18:53:50

Well, if you want separate drives you don't want to run RAID, and you don't want to RAID mismatched drives anyway. Your mobo, being new, will support the drives in regular SATA mode, so they'll be separate C and D drives. Just ignore the RAID stuff.

That said, I swear by RAID0 stripes, and RAID5 arrays if you have the drives to spare. But I don't recommend it for the casual user.


25-06-2007 23:46:50

If you just want to install the two drives, do not use raid. Raid drives have to be the same type and size. From what you are saying, you do not need raid any way because you are using one disk for boot/os/ect and the other for storage


26-06-2007 15:09:02

i swear by raid 1 -)

But no need for any raid configuration if you dont want it, be default your raid will be turned off.