Convert AI file to EPS.

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18-06-2007 18:53:44

I'm trying to upload my AI file to a shirt website, but it wont work.

[quote26af410c2c]While accepts many types of artwork, including JPEG, bitmap, and PNG, for best results, your artwork should be in Vector EPS format (Adobe Illustrator EPS is preferable!). We don't accept PDF's and they should be converted to EPS format before uploading as well. [/quote26af410c2c]

Is it possible to convert from AI to EPS?


18-06-2007 19:22:37

Can't Illustrator export or save-as an EPS file? I haven't touched Illustrator in ages but I'm pretty sure it will. AI is just an Adobe customized EPS/PDF format as it is, so it's already close. In fact I think I heard that recent AI formats were basically some version of PDF.

If you can't export from AI, or find a converter online, shoot me the graphic via e-mail and I'll see if I can convert it on my Linux box, I might have some PS tools that will do it.


18-06-2007 19:34:35

I actually don't have Illustrator. The image was sent to me in ai format.

I emailed you it, thanks!


18-06-2007 20:00:32

Got it, I'm working on it. BTW it's a PDF 1.4 format, loaded up just fine in Foxit Reader on Windows. So a basic PDF conversion might work on it.

[b9134b1656b]EDIT[/b9134b1656b] E-mailed you back. Converted AI/PDF to PS to EPS on my Linux box with minimal fuss. Looks good but check it out to be sure.