Deleting Posts

Live forum:

18-06-2007 18:39:28

Does anyone know how to delete one of your posts?

Thank you


18-06-2007 18:41:00

you can only edit your posts, no delete

so if you want to get rid of something you already posted just edit it out

hope this helped

edit only mods can delete posts, so maybe try PM'ing one and asking nicely(although they are busy people and prob. wont do it)

not cause their not nice wink


18-06-2007 18:49:42

Thats not true, you can delete posts....there is a button in the upper right hand corner of your LAST post, you can only delete your last post I belive. Once I post this...I can delete it if I want...


18-06-2007 19:26:49

You can only delete a post that does not have a reply behind it.

Unless you're a mod. ;)