How do I get a email address?

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18-06-2007 12:21:11

Like the title states, I want something like that as a email address. How do I go about getting it?



18-06-2007 12:28:26 domains might be cheapest. I forget actually, but it's one of them.


18-06-2007 13:25:46

I use for most of my registrations. .comurl==http://=http:///url TLD's are going for about $8-$9/yr last I checked, and while simple registration doesn't include a full e-mail account, it includes 100 e-mail forwards. Which means if you registered the domain (assuming it's available), you could create up to 100 addresses and forward them to any e-mail account(s) you like.


11-07-2007 09:29:40

I'm buying a domain now but I want to know how to make my info private? Do I have to pay extra for that? I'm signing up with


11-07-2007 10:11:22 charges a few extra bucks to make a domain private, or at least they used to. Some other registrars include it for free. It should be clearly offered to you when you register with GoDaddy.


11-07-2007 12:28:40

Last question.

1. I want to get a personal email address with the format (first name)@(last name).com, I'm thinking of signing up for the 9.99 per year plan with The one with the measly 25 mb storage space... Can I forward that email to gmail as well? This email is just for personal preferences...

2. Any other domain services you recommend besides Godaddy wants 8.99 per year to make the domain private and I have no problem with that but if I can find a cheap alternative I'll take it.

3. This is just the domain, I still have to get hosting someone else. Will the hosting offer me subdomains if I choose to have that?

Appreciate it....


11-07-2007 16:59:09

1and1 does privacy for free, and i think its only $6


11-07-2007 20:24:24

To get a (firstname)@(lastname).com address, you must register the (lastname).com domain. Then you can forward (anythingyouwant)@(lastname).com to anywhere, including Gmail. This assumes your domain account includes e-mail forwards, or that you pay extra for them.

Yes, 1and1 does privacy for free, but I'm not sure if they give you e-mail forwards, or how many. With the domain includes 100 forwards.

Subdomains are a function of your DNS host. Most web hosts will also host your DNS for you as well, and will allow you to have subdomains. I know DreamHost does.


12-07-2007 07:55:46

Just order my domain with 1and1, it's suppose to come with 1 email account so I'll use that as my business email.

I'm gonna order another domain with, this one is for a business that I hope to open up soon.


14-07-2007 17:39:54

Thanks for all the help, the email address is set up...