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18-06-2007 11:21:59

i just cant seem to find a definitive answer.. is there any possible way to buy and use a dedicated video card in my laptop. i cant play shit on my laptop right now. heres the link to my laptop.. just click on "detailed specs" in the box to bring up its configuration. thanks to anyone that can help.



18-06-2007 11:31:35

Usually not. There is/was two form factors for upgradeable laptop cards from nVIDA and ATI, but neither have caught on too well (MXM and Axiom). There's also the possibility of external video cards that can be used via a cable to an expresscard, but there are obvious bandwidth issues there. There's certainly a performance impact. Lastly, and most unlikely, there's a possibility that the GPU chipset on your laptop doesn't lie on the same board as the CPU, but on a daughterboard. In those ever more rare cases, the card might be upgradeable in the specific circumstance that the series your model is in also has a higher grade model with a better GPU. In that case it [i1b1edf619b]may[/i1b1edf619b] be possible to buy that specific GPU board and do a swap. Maybe.


18-06-2007 11:38:19

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18-06-2007 11:42:48

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18-06-2007 12:25:04

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18-06-2007 13:30:10

Like Tholek said, unless your laptop is built for upgradable GPU's, the chance is virtually nil. Laptop vidcards are highly integrated devices that are engineered specifically for each laptop model. There aren't laptop reference adapters like with desktops. That's also why you can't even get laptop video drivers from Nvidia and ATI -- you have to get them from the laptop manufacturer or OEM since they're often customized for the hardware.