Looking to buy External Hard drives

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15-06-2007 17:44:27

Need to know one thing...

Is there any faster than 480mb per sec data transfer rate??


15-06-2007 18:03:42

That's the max for USB2. Firewire, though rated at 400Mbs, is generally faster for large transfers due to more stable timing and lower CPU utilization. Real-world USB throughput fluctuates wildly and rarely reaches anything close to its 480Mbps theoretical max. Firewire800 is even faster but more rare and quite expensive.

However the best possible connection is eSATA if your system supports it. And if it doesn't, eSATA PCI cards are cheap. eSATA will give you the same performance as your internal HDD's, and will blow away USB, Firewire, or Ethernet.