Looking at Buying a TV

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15-06-2007 11:03:29

I just recently moved out from home and I am looking for a smaller tv for myself. I got a small apartment so I dont need someone big. In the market for a 23-27 inch. I was wondering about some of the cheaper brand names like RCA, Westington House, Prima and insignia.

Westinghouse 27" Widescreen LCD HDTVlili (LTV27W2)
Prima 26" Widescreen LCD HDTVlili (LC2627P)
Prima 27" Widescreen LCD HDTVlili (LC27U26)
Insignia 26" LCD HDTVlili (NSLCD26F)
RCA 26" Widescreen LCD HDTV

Im looking to spend less than 700 taxes included. Any recommendations?


15-06-2007 17:49:21

Get yourself a Vizio...lifetime warranty...every have a problem they'll replace it.



15-06-2007 17:57:41

ILoveToys, please wrap extra-long links in tags to shorten them, to prevent excessive side scrolling. If I still have to scroll despite running at 1920x1200 resolution, then it's WAAAAY too big. ;)


15-06-2007 18:00:36

Is that better?


15-06-2007 18:03:51



15-06-2007 18:05:33

Yes, thank you.


17-06-2007 13:06:28

I would suggest getting a Olevia. They quality on these TV's are comparable to my Samsung I used to own. Take a look at some of them HERE.

They are very cheap to (I got my 37" for $800 on BlackFriday, it's $650 shock )

They do make 27" though in the range of $350 - $450 )