Safari for Windows

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11-06-2007 23:24:12

Gonna try it now. I'll give you my review. ;)



11-06-2007 23:56:24

It's hard on the eyes, in my opinion. Fonts are different, and there's no skins, or ability to change the browser color. (Not a fan of the look of iTunes, and really didn't want to see that in a browser)

Still a beta though. They might improve upon it, but I guess we as Windows users are "lucky" that we have even this. ;)


12-06-2007 05:01:28

Does that mean that you like safari for mac?


12-06-2007 05:19:33

I don't even [ib61d7276f9]have[/ib61d7276f9] a Mac currently. Not a contemporary one, anyhow. )

This is my first Safari experience. For all I know it's the same as on the Mac. I'd hate to think so, though.

Some other comments I posted elsewhere

[quoteb61d7276f9="Tholek"]Pages load faster because there's no extensions to bog it down. ;)

Some problems
[lib61d7276f9]No right click hotkeys for opening tabs, like there is in FF, IE and OP.
[lib61d7276f9]Doesn't remember previous size when restarting.
[lib61d7276f9]No choice of "about blank" for home page. (Had to do it myself)
[lib61d7276f9]Appearance doesn't have a "show page fonts" tick-box, only drop-down options to choose standard and fixed width ones.
[lib61d7276f9]Security options are light.
[lib61d7276f9]No skins, or ability to change the silver color to another.
[lib61d7276f9]Backspace doesn't work to go back.[/listub61d7276f9]

I like the toolbar customization. I can make it pretty thin, As good as FF, if not better there. (HATE that I can't in IE7)

Needs work though.[/quoteb61d7276f9]


12-06-2007 07:19:30

I can't say I hate it, but it's not going to pull me away from FF just yet. I don't like that you can't close tabs w/ a middle click, there doesn't seem to be any password manager (at least I couldn't find it w/ a 5 minute trial of it). That and I love my FF extensions )