Pre-Screening Offers

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08-06-2007 17:37:11

I've seen this on many Freebie sites, often I am unable to click on the offers because they are using a floating tooltip that gives you a summary but does not allow me to actually visit the offer site to get the real story on costs etc.
I've even had this happen on sites where I've opened an account, logged in and still can't open the offers. I've experienced this on home, office and library computers, tried turning off pop up blockers, loaded firefox browser and still can't get around the floating tooltip.

I don't want to waste a potential partners time setting up a trade only to later find I can't click on the offers, or later find that all the offers on the site are not cost effective to complete.


08-06-2007 17:53:41

Try clicking the image and if that doesn't work, the text.


09-06-2007 11:59:13

Also, if you're not logged in/not registered, and you're just "viewing" the offers, you can't click them.


09-06-2007 23:21:35

also, you may need to turn your pop up blocker off D but like TFOAF said, if you're not logged in then you can't view full offer.


13-06-2007 08:21:33

The pop up blocker might be blocking.


13-06-2007 15:56:03

read above kelly D


13-06-2007 20:42:30

Also, if the tooltip info is too long, then it can sometimes prevent you from clicking on the offer. If you are logged into the site and you are enabling popups, then it might be a problem with the site in question.