Ipod Problems

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07-06-2007 20:08:53

I have a 2gb nano. I bought a new computer and I connected it to the new computer. It keeps telling me to erase and sync, as this was not the computer I used with it the first time, but I dont want to lose all the songs on my ipod and have to download them again. Any help?


07-06-2007 20:14:16

So you must have had it on automatic update. What you need to do is connect it, say no at that prompt, then click on the iPod in iTunes. There is an option to manually update the iPod near the bottom. Check that box, and you will now be able to add music without losing your current collection.


07-06-2007 20:50:44

^ thanks sooo much! +kma!


07-06-2007 20:54:07

No problem at all. I'm glad I could help.


18-06-2007 19:58:36

i am gonna post here then

2 things

1 --- sometimes the ipod just blocks and i cannot get it to do anyhting. the screen is lightening, and stays like that for 4h or so, after which my battery is dead, and when i recharge it it works. any ideas why its doing this?

2 --- i am on a foreign computer, and i would like to copy the ipod music to it. can i do that? i tried to simply transfer it but it doesn't work. all is original music, but i didn't take the cds with me ) so i woul like to have it on this other computer.


18-06-2007 20:13:04

To the first one, try pausing it. After a few minutes, it should turn off on its own.

The second one, though, is easy to answer. If you are taking the music off the iPod and onto a computer, you need a 3rd party program. I know that winamp has a plugin to do it, and there are a few other programs, but there are no official programs that do it.


18-06-2007 22:35:33

Do yourself a favor and get both [u10788a55c3]Winamp[/u10788a55c3][=http//www.winamp.com][u10788a55c3]Winamp[/u10788a55c3] (awesome audio player) and the [u10788a55c3]ml_ipod[/u10788a55c3][=http//mlipod.sourceforge.net/][u10788a55c3]ml_ipod[/u10788a55c3] plugin -- it replaces the core plugin included with Winamp, but it's much better wink


20-06-2007 07:18:04

so if i have Itunes i can't do it? for the music download i mean.

and for the 1st one, i cannot do ANYTHING. anything i touch does absolutely nothing lol. i mean its just...stuck (


20-06-2007 08:13:39

I'm not sure why the iPod bricks like that, but you can try hard resetting it (look on Apple's website). A firmware upgrade may permanently fix the problem. You can do this thru iTunes.

iTunes allows you to transfer music from your iPod to your computer, but only iTunes store music. If you have music on your iPod that you've ripped/dl'ed elsewhere, your options are limited to Winamp+plugin, or a 3rd party program like [u9cc6757acf]Anapod[/u9cc6757acf][=http//www.redchairsoftware.com/anapod/][u9cc6757acf]Anapod[/u9cc6757acf]


20-06-2007 08:30:01

hmm ok thanks that makes a lot more sense. ) so either i go for winamp and the plugin, or itunes and anapod, if i got it right. i'll try this tomorrow

also, when i reset it, all music will be gone, right?>

and thx guys you're the best D as always