Can't click offers

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06-06-2007 05:48:04

Have a new computer with Microsoft Vista etc. and even though I switched to Firefox and allowed popups, I still can't click on offers on some sites. Are there multiple layers of protection keeping me from clicking on the offers? All I get is a highlighted blue box that gives me a summary of the offer, but can't open it. Thanks............tradewinds


06-06-2007 07:34:43

Are you sure it's not just the site with a dead offer?


06-06-2007 16:09:52

if you actually can't CLICK it, i bet i know the problem. it's an FSR site i'm guessing? FSR uses a floating tooltip to show offer info, and when you try to click an offer in the third column (eg to the far right of the screen), the way the tooltip refuses to go off the edge of the screen can make it stick under your mouse by a pixel or so making it impossible to click the offers. i ended up changing the way my site shows the tooltip so that it stays several pixels away from your mouse cursor and that solved it. but if that's the problem, just try click further to the left on the offer image.