Problems for Canadians (yourgiftsfree, ordergiftsfree, etc)

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05-06-2007 12:54:42

Hey there. I've been experiencing some serious technical difficulties with my first trades, so I figured I'd post here in hopes of someone having ideas for help.

I was attempting to do a ref for someone at but when I click on an offer link, I get redirected. Strangely, most of the time I get redirected to a lidifferentli IFW site.
I did all the basic troubleshooting stuff. I logged out. I deleted all cookies, all temp files, all history. I turned off my pop-up blocker. I logged back in and attempted again. Same result.
I filed a support ticket, but they haven't found a resolution yet.

I ran into the same problem at .

I had two other trades from the same people available to me (one at zeropricetags and one at customorderthis) but when I visited the site and checked out the offers, they looked to be on the same engine/same selection, so I didn't dare trying to complete a ref there.

Has anyone else (especially Canadians) experienced trouble like this with any of these sites? More importantly, has any Canadian found a resolution and been able to green for someone through these sites?

I'm feeling very discouraged cry


05-06-2007 13:34:13

If you can not do the offer, as in it is US only - if it knows you are Canadian it will not let you go into the offer. You can only do offers that allow Canadians, which I think there is only a handful.


05-06-2007 13:38:57

Problem is, it seems like almost all of our offers are giving them problems like this, which they shouldn't. GateGypsy, we are still looking into it.