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02-06-2007 13:09:20

Is it possible to transform a vector drawing into a jpeg graphic and if so, how?


02-06-2007 13:23:23

Yes. I think that this site will be able to help you, although I haven't personally tried this software http//


02-06-2007 13:35:50

Thank you Bunny, I will check it out D


02-06-2007 13:44:34

It's easier to go from vector to raster than the other way around....


02-06-2007 17:35:52

yeah, if the whole pic fits on screen, just a simple PrntScrn gets you a raster copy ;)


02-06-2007 17:41:20

Ok - I tried Mayura - it works very well EXCEPT that when I export it as a jpeg file it includes a box around it. I REALLY would like just the shape of the logo to be included in the file. Any ideas?

You guys will have to excuse my ignorance here - the last time I dealt with image files was when I was a photographer back in the day and photo-editing is a heck of a lot simpler than dealing with drawings...


02-06-2007 21:12:17

You could erase the box w/ photoshop, or even paint.....


03-06-2007 09:49:08

[quote41dcdd8f83="ILoveToys"]You could erase the box w/ photoshop, or even paint.....[/quote41dcdd8f83]

I will try that. Thank you )


03-06-2007 09:49:30

Just to toss out another vector drawing package that is FREE, you might try Inkscape[=http//]Inkscape. I'm a big fan of The GIMP and Inkscape packages, although granted I rarely touch vector stuff anymore and am more of a GIMP fanatic.