Solid State Hard Drive For Laptops

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01-06-2007 13:02:05

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[quote3b46f8b684]We've seen pretty excessive Solid State hard disks in recent months (SimpleTech's 3.5in half terrabyter being the king), but I think this runs it pretty close...

PQI which has built quite a cutting edge rep in the last 18 months is again at the forefront with (by far) the largest notebook SSD I've ever seen. The 2.5in 'SSD Turbo+' tops out at a mammoth 256GB placing it in line with the very best available from moving parts manufacturers.

Of course if there is one thing SSDs aren't currently known for it is great capacity so when it comes to everything non-256GB related PQI's beast also excels. Transfer rates rocket along at up to 60MBps and you'll get all that usual power efficiency, reliability and ice cold running temperature associated with this market sector.

Sadly PQI hasn't put a price tag on its latest and greatest but I have a feeling if we did know that it would severely dampen our enthusiasm. Best live in a floaty, happy dream world where this is your next upgrade and money grows on trees.

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I may have found something worth selling my soul for.... ;)


03-06-2007 09:11:55

How exactly does solid state storage work?


03-06-2007 09:17:12

[quotedc6e0fab39="ILoveToys"]How exactly does solid state storage work?[/quotedc6e0fab39]
There are a few different techniques to implement memory storage at the silicon level, but essentially it's like a great big flash ram -- no moving parts, super-fast access. Just imagine having a 250GB SD card as your HD, same concept.


03-06-2007 12:11:17

That's what I figured, but wasn't sure.