I need a computer geek...

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01-06-2007 07:46:38

So I got a new monitor at work, and I have a problem. It has built in speakers...but no sound comes out of them. Any suggestions? Is there something I have to do to get them working or something?


01-06-2007 07:49:50

install the drivers?


01-06-2007 07:51:15

My co-worker had the same issues, it's usually just a wiring issue...

Do you have a IT department?

It would be hard to know unless someone could be hands-on with it...


01-06-2007 07:53:40

licoughli T-T-T-Tech Yourself licoughli
God, I hate allergies.

Is there an audio cord from the computer plugged into the monitor?


01-06-2007 08:03:28

Usually when monitors come with speakers in it...there is a mini cord to plug into the audio jack. But if you're in a company the IT department should handle this for you.


01-06-2007 08:05:04

You guys are speakin another language here...it's friday I don't understand anything on fridays.

But no we don't have a IT dept.
I ordered to monitor and when I came to work the next day it was already hooked up...so I need an audio cord from the computer to the monitor? How do I know what that looks like? The monitor I had before had separate speakers...


01-06-2007 08:06:37

ok, so i see where the cord is supposed to go...should it have come with the cord?


01-06-2007 08:09:24

[quote8995e4d645="Jenncherry99"]ok, so i see where the cord is supposed to go...should it have come with the cord?[/quote8995e4d645]

The blue monitor cord might have a mini tiny audio cord dangling off it...??


01-06-2007 08:11:07

I wish it were that easy...but definitely no cord hanging off


01-06-2007 08:12:28

What monitor you got there?


01-06-2007 08:13:08

umm...It an HP w1907?


01-06-2007 08:15:14

That should have came with an audio cable, who delivered it to ya?

AC Power Cable

VGA Cable

[b7de304e19f]Audio Cable[/b7de304e19f]

Software CD-ROM with Documentation

1-Year Limited Warranty


01-06-2007 08:16:34

Most monitors I've seen with speakers (and they're always crappy speakers, btw) come with the cable. It should be a standard 3.5mm male-male audio cable, available at most department stores with an electronics section, or Radio Shack. Plug it into your PC's line-out jack, which is usually the green jack on recent PC's. If it's not green, look for the symbol on it that looks something like [b016f7f9fc9]<-((-))[/b016f7f9fc9]


01-06-2007 08:17:14

well bestbuy was supposed to deliver it..but we picked it up at the store. I wonder if they threw it out with the box. I'll have to find out who set it up.


01-06-2007 08:18:01



01-06-2007 08:23:16

thanks! Now I just have to find where the cord ran off to.


01-06-2007 09:27:42

Come think of it, it's probably in the little packet with a set of instructions. Usually they stick screws or small cords in those little packages.. Might want to check and see if they kept all that stuff.