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24-05-2007 10:09:14

I have a gigantic website that has several dead links. I know there are plenty more that I haven't found yet. I also know that there is software that will automate this task of looking for dead-links.

Rather than downloading the first link of apparent crapware from Google, does anyone have a recommended software?

Thanks for the help.


24-05-2007 14:02:04


or import a PHP file into all your files that reports broken links


06-06-2007 17:53:52

Thanks Jams

Anyone else?


06-06-2007 19:43:23

I think MetaProducts has an app that does/did this in part (actually downloads whole sites, but can report dead links). I used it once a few years ago. It's on of their Offline Explorers.


10-06-2007 09:06:09

I looked it up, there is a function from C that is used in php called readlink() - it returns false if there is an error.


10-06-2007 09:08:42

there is a firefox plugin that lets u over over a link and see where it goes but that would be burdensome.
similarly, using getright to checkout all the links would be possible and u may be able to automate it to avoid it being burdensome