My 360 is broke.

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23-05-2007 13:28:19

Well, I think my 360 is broken. This is not my pic, but here is what I see

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There is no ring of death and it only freezes with those white lines down the screen. I dont think its overheated since I havent played all day. Any suggestions?

BTW, Im still under warranty.


23-05-2007 13:42:02


Call them and send it out while its still covered, even if the problem is intermittent

You will have a new box in 1-2 weeks.

Don't forget to keep your hard drive if you want to keep your data.


23-05-2007 17:32:43

so if I need to send it back, I can keep the hard drive?


23-05-2007 18:39:05

when I had to send mine in they said it was no problem, just ask them when you call.


23-05-2007 19:22:13

a 360 breaking? now i've heard everything lol


23-05-2007 19:27:46

[quote9e0e9589ab="gnznroses"]a 360 breaking? now i've heard everything lol[/quote9e0e9589ab]


I never taught it would happen to me. cry

Anyways, karma to Joshbox.


26-05-2007 09:55:12

That is a heat issue, if it's under warranty, definatelt send it in. If it's not just add some decent thermal paste under the cpu and gpu heatsinks ) hope that helps. there's tons of tutorials @


26-05-2007 10:49:50

send it in while on warranty. dont wait b/c i thought an item was under warranty for another month when i was wrong and by waiting i lost the coverage (


26-05-2007 11:52:59

I have warranty till november. D


01-06-2007 23:29:34

Sorry to hear - we're on our 3rd 360 piece of junk and have given up - just ordered a PS3.


14-06-2007 14:21:04

Rumor has it they're only tested and designed for 300 hours of playtime. Even my cousin's has died...I'm afraid that if I buy one it will, too.

Come to think of it, the vacation cabin we're renting this year has an Xbox 360....I wonder if it died on our time if they would charge us for it...


14-06-2007 14:47:07

Quick update-What a mess. Just called last week. Got my box yesterday. Sent it out today for repairs. According to the xbox forums they are installing a new hardware among other things and are taking longer than usual.

Customer Support was actually good. My Rainbow Six game got stuck and it wouldnt open before I sent it out, so support told me how to open and to look it up online. Hopefully I get it before the end of the month.

I like my 360 and all, but this is a major issue. Its bound to break down.