Need some IMMEDIATE HELP!! DMORRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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21-05-2007 09:51:34

OKay so when La Fonera was giving away a free wireless router (this was posted in the hot deals section) I went ahead and got one. WHen I got it, I used it on spring break in myrtle beach.

Now that im in my new apartment, we got comcast high speed and we want to use the wiress router from La Fonera so that everyone can connect in my apartment without using a LAN connection.

So I decided to not get a hub and im just connecting the router into the back of my modem. When I do that, La Fonera is not letting me connect to the network (It takes me to the access portal and tells me that its not configured). Ive tried numerous ways of connecting it and its just not connecting (aka I cant surf the web). Right now im on a LAN connection, thats why i can get on here.

Do I need to manually cofigure it through my network connections? If so, how? I really need to get htis connected so that my friends can use the internet while im away in Europe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

oh and I emailed customer support for La Fonera, but i need a quicker response. Thanks!


21-05-2007 10:43:44

Well, I can't be of much specific help since I don't have this Fonera router, nor am I famiiliar with it.

But generally speaking, most WiFi routers are not just plug & play. You have to connect to the router to configure it, least of which for the proper subnetting, DHCP, etc. You could have conflicting DHCP servers between the modem and router, or you could have conflicting subnets.

There were a bunch of other folks in that free router topic that got them, so you might ask them directly how they set them up.


21-05-2007 10:44:58

Did you hack the FON? I hacked mine and worked great once hacked


21-05-2007 10:55:46

[quotefc88b80804="O4F-Manofice"]Did you hack the FON? I hacked mine and worked great once hacked[/quotefc88b80804]

How can I hack it?

What do you have to do...any tips?


21-05-2007 11:00:40


Thats what I used and worked great


21-05-2007 22:24:36

Is your IP static or dynamic? Whatever the settings were on your computer when you had it hooked straight to the modem should be the same settings you input to the fon router.


22-05-2007 06:09:58

My La Fonera router has crapped out, it can never auto-detect my network settings, I guess a hack is in order.


22-05-2007 16:09:15

I have .07.3 I dont think that there is a hack for that. I got all the way until I tried to open ssh and putty...putty would not open and i got a network error. I just gave up after that. I was pissed.