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19-05-2007 18:23:47

Ok heres the deal.....I uninstalled Norton 360, restart and all of a sudden I lost connection to the internet.
It has nothing to the with the modem, router, etc....
I'm able to connect using my laptop just fine. Also I'm running dual windows(Vista and XP) Internet work just fine in XP as well.
Can someone please help me out here???


19-05-2007 18:27:20

Did it work before you installed/uninstalled norton?

Those type of programs really never uninstall fully...theres always usually registry keys still left around.

Any stupid spyware/IE browser installs??

Have you tried rebooting the modem and router? Restarted your computer again?

Any other software you installed/uninstalled before it stopped working?

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew


I know vista has some sort of defender...make sure it isn't blocking your connection?


19-05-2007 20:33:38 works before. It was right after the u must reboot to finish the uninstallation message. I try just about everything and besides the connection works in XP which is on the same machine.


19-05-2007 21:09:34

That's why Norton products are poopy. They turn your computer into a snail, and mess with internet/security settings that shouldn't be messed with...even though their antivirus is okay.


19-05-2007 21:33:41

I read someone that u should turn off ur internet connection when installing such programs. Didn't say anything about uninstallation though.

If I can't get it fixed, I might just as well go back to XP. Its freaking fast compare to Vista. U definitely do notice the difference even with 3GB of RAM.
The internet also seem a hack of a lot faster. ?

I found people with similar problems. They lost internet connection after upgrading to Spyware Doctor 5.

I think I'm outta luck expect for a clean install. ( (


20-05-2007 12:28:55

did u do a registry b/u before the install?
who is the maker of ur system, is it still under warranty?


20-05-2007 21:06:16

don't know what that is but probably not.
Its a Dell E510. I don't think Dell would do anything even if its still under warranty.