what could be causing this?

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17-05-2007 20:15:04

So at work(a restaurant) we have two computers in the office. One controls the POS system and other is for basically everything else.

I do my food ordering online through the purveyors website.

Well today on the everything else computer I goto log into the system and it redirects me to company who designed the site for the purveyor I use. So I can't log in and place my order.

But on the POS computer I can log in......

I tried to delete cookies and files and what not be nothing worked

any suggestions would be great

one thing in the address bar when I click to "log in" one computer goes to one address and other goes to a different address although similar

thanks for the help you guys!


18-05-2007 06:12:03

I assume you cleared the cache as well?


18-05-2007 12:43:58

yes, i cleared everything I knew how to clear.....still no solution

I'm baffled