I need help (computer monitor won't boot up unless I hit)

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14-05-2007 18:44:10

Reset. ... I need help, my dvd drive won't open and I cannot get the jumpers to be set correctly. I have the biostar t6100 Am2, and the CoolerMaster Elite 330 case.... you can reply here or reach me on aim at keiser3616 thanks....

Also my monitor won't boot up unless I hit the reset button on my case.... I set the jumpers but something is wrong, the power light isn't on either.


14-05-2007 19:13:34

you need to get the diagram of the motherboard layout and plug the case connectors(power,reset,ect) correctly before everything will work.

not the best solution but it will work, leave the case open and try the plugs in different places until they work correctly

also when you say the monitor wont boot up, what do you mean

the monitor should work without being hooked up to the computer(power)

hope this helps


14-05-2007 19:18:53

The monitor powers up but it doesn't start up when tI turn on the computer, I have to hit the reset button first on the computer... This is the case I have.... PDF file



14-05-2007 19:20:20

This is the motherboard that I have...


If you have AIM, my name is keiser3616


14-05-2007 19:56:44

you need to refer to the motherboard manual to see where on the motherboard the power, reset, sound, ect from the case plug into the mobo

there is usually a cluster of plugs from the case to the bottom right section of the mobo that controls the power switch and reset switch ect

looking at the link from newegg on your mobo to the left of SATA connectors is where all the case plugs will go

as for the monitor sounds like once you get the plugs into the right spot on the motherboard everything will be fine.

I had the same problem with my computer, the reset button didnt work.....because I had the plug from the case in the wrong spot


14-05-2007 19:58:28

also do you have the monitor connected to the mobo connection or to your video card, might make a difference as well?


14-05-2007 20:03:49

motherboard, since I don't have a video card, I use onboard grapics


14-05-2007 20:12:31

dmorris where are you???? ;)


15-05-2007 19:02:38

The only thing that I could think of was the pinouts, like you thought. When I built mine, there were about 10 single pin connectors I had to connect individually, so it's possible you had some switched around.