screen shots?

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11-05-2007 16:55:48

This has probably been asked many times. How do I capture a screen shot of say paypal and also how do you blurr out the names?

Any help would be great...


11-05-2007 17:13:37

u can do a bunch of different things.
usually what I do is use a screen capture program. an easy free way is to use print screen. then open up your friendly neighborhood image editing program, I use photoshop, and paste it the print screen image into the image editing program. then use a color of choice and blur out the personal information and save it as a jpg. blammo you have ur image.
i cannot access a lot of pages from where i am at but normally i would give u links...
a great capture program is <- snagit
a great image editing program is of course photoshop. that is what i use
good luck!


11-05-2007 18:56:11

Simplest way

PrintScrn = captures entire desktop (all open windows) to clipboard
Alt-PrintScrn = captures the currently focused window (what you usually want) to clipboard

Then paste into an image editor like MS Paint to crop/resize and paint out any details you want.

That'll handle the quick & dirty basics without any extra software. But as jy3 said, SnagIt is excellent and I recommend it highly. You can do a LOT more with it, such as capture an entire scrolling windows contents, capture regions of the screen, capture to many formats including PDF, use fancy editing tools on the capture before saving it, etc. And there's a Firefox plugin that makes web page captures even easier.


11-05-2007 19:23:43

Thanks, I learn something new everyday...