I have found the MOST AWSOME program!!!!!

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11-05-2007 05:52:04

About a month ago I was doing a site that give you points for a prize. One of the offers was a shopping jobs thing. I was reading the WHAT to do about it and thought I would try it out.
So one of the recommended programs to use was a program called [b2f176a3711]ROBOFORM![/color2f176a3711][/b2f176a3711] Google it to get it!

OMG this program absolutely ROCKS! The FREE version only has a 10 passcard storage which is enough to let you try it out. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting the pro version.

Here is how it works. It can generate a random password of any kind, Save it for you so you do not have to remember it. It saves your usernames, passwords, fills out almost every web form out there!!!!!!!!
talk about being able to fill out forms FAST!!! It has a master system password that is the only password you will ever need again! It has lots of tweaking options as well!

I have over 150 passcards on mine. It takes just 2 clicks and you are automatically taken to the site of your choice and logged in!!!!!

I hope I am sharing something that you will LOVE!

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