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10-05-2007 09:15:10

After I select TR requested on the drag down screen, I am supposed to leave feedback for the trader, right?

For whatever reason, I am not getting a feedback prompt. This leads me to unwantingly dis my trade counterparts by leaving them no feedback. That's not cool.

Is there anyway to leave feedback after the initial prompt? If not props to 4 success and gmario, 2 excellent traders.


10-05-2007 13:17:58

Are your security settings set to the lowest and pop ups allowed? That is usually the main problem with IE7.


10-05-2007 20:37:42

Yes it is a bummer to not be able to give feedback I had the same problem....
givmea1032 is right on the money..... lower your security setting down to at least medium (that's what worked for me).

you will not be able to give feedback at this point but you could always give a couple +Karma!! That might help a little!

If I have helped you you could give me some +Karma as well CLICK HERE![=http//]+Karma as well CLICK HERE!


11-05-2007 09:28:51

Karma to the both of you. Your advice is much appreciated 8)