Building my first pc tomorrow...

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08-05-2007 16:34:27

Any advice? I've never put together a computer before, I sold my dell to learn how to put together a computer... This is what I bought from

I'll pretty much be goggling links for building pc...

Motherboard + processor +$144.00 Biostar Tforce am2/Amd Athlon 64x2 3800.


Getting the combo at the bottom

Case = $25 bucks


memory = $94 bucks


Burner = $41.00


Hard drive = $80.00



08-05-2007 17:52:04

Well, since you already bought the parts.... not really

but you should have went with a Core 2 Duo.. those are the top processors right now, E6320 is only $170... E6600 is $225ish, then board for around $100


I really don't like Biostar boards

my personal fav is Asus


08-05-2007 18:29:23

It's my first time building a cpu, it's a million times better than my dell and the main reason is to get my hand dirty, I'll upgrade next year with the better stuff but this is a start, I'm not a gamer at all.... so I think I did a good think.. I should have went core 2 duo but I wanted to stay under 500... shipped...


08-05-2007 18:31:12

BYW, the advice was [b0066c17d29]How do I build a computer, as in how do I put the parts together[/b0066c17d29]? LOL, everyone wants to give their 2 cents but not answer the actual question, every message I went to is the same thing....


08-05-2007 19:53:12

Put the processor in the MB, and then mount that in the case....Then plug your cards in to the mainboard (basically where they fit), and then mount your optical and hard drives and get the master/slave settings right for each, and then connect the power supply to everything and you're done...load up an OS and any additional drivers that your OS doesn't have and you're good to go...


08-05-2007 20:04:35

IMPORTANT! Don't forget to use thermal paste (and the correct amount) between your CPU and heatsink. Both too much and not enough could damage your CPU. Also, get some zip ties to organize your cables. You get better airflow that way. Like ILoveToys said, put your CPU, heatsink, and RAM on the mobo before putting it in the case, it just makes it easier.


08-05-2007 23:47:40


don't aske me whot ehr fuck if ond tehar tirgh tnow... but eit eht was hwaht heplped me build my computer and it works liek a fucking chanrk!
die love fipg! i'm out for now, hope that i don't puke D


09-05-2007 06:11:53

I think you will be very happy with your computer!

The AMD socket AM2 is the one you want. it is the most current socket. Good choice!

I did not see a video card? if you plan on doing alot of gaming I would highly recommend a PCI express video card as an upgrade! You can get a very nice one for around $150 or so. Shop around.

you may want to upgrade your power supply though if you upgrade your video! 350W may be low.

Have fun! it is always fun to get a new computer!