Who knows Exchange?

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08-05-2007 16:03:26

I have a problem and I'm not sure how to fix it. Anyone know Exchange?


09-05-2007 06:16:54

hmm sorry I do not know what Exchange is.
is it programming or a software...

Good Luck!


09-05-2007 11:06:54

Exchange is email...


09-05-2007 11:25:54

Whats your problem?


09-05-2007 11:29:41

So here is the situation. I had a domain admin account with an email attached to it. I needed to remove the mailbox from the domain admin account so Good would work on my Treo. So here is what I did.

- I backed up the mailbox to a PST.
- Deleted the mailbox.
- Then created a mailbox on another account with the same SMTP addresses.
- The new mailbox is on a different store.

Email sent from outside gets to me fine but anyone with my address cached in Outlook from before get a bounce.