Grabbing A Web Address

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07-05-2007 18:47:45

I don't know where else to post this, so I hope this is the right place. I want to create a website (for personal use now, but later on I want to expand it for other things) but the url that I want is taken. It looks like no one uses the website either because it just has pictures of their baby taken back in '04. I know they are using godaddy to host it and I know that godaddy has a backorder thing on their website that if they don't renew in a certain amount of time. But after reading up on this I think it would not be that easy just to pay the (I think 18.99$ to backorder) fees and wait for them to tell me that I can have it. I dont think it is that easy because they can sell the backorder to as many people that they want to and only give it to one of them and keep all the extra money. So my question is does anyone know how I can guarantee that I can grab the url when the page expires?!?

If I am not clear please tell me so I can try to clear things up.

Help would really be appreciated.


07-05-2007 20:00:47

Find another URL you want, or contact the current owner and try to buy it from them.


09-05-2007 21:14:04

yes contact the person who has the address.
google whois to find the website owner if you need to.