speaker help!

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07-05-2007 14:02:03

got my new polk r50s today and damn they are sweet. I have an older receiver (pioneer vxs-505s) and some strangeness is going on.
here is the deal.
I have these speaker connections available
A - Right and left
B - right and left
center + right + left
I can have a or b or both on at the same time.
If I have my new speakers hooked up in any fashion that has a polk connected to the left of A OR B, I get a whiny noise. Even if no speaker is in the right. I have changed speakers of course and both polks will put out a whine if they are connected to the left. Now if I use my old infinity 2000.1 's they will not make the whining noise. I can have A + B turned on with my polks plugged into the R channels and the infinities in the left without a problem. I have changed wiring of course.
To me it seems like the receiver is sending too much or too little of something when it has to send to both polks in opposite channels.
Could this just be feedback?
Any help would be awesome. b/c the polks work on the R channels it seems to not be a polk problem.
thanks for reading and if someone can point me towards a community online that could help I would love it.
i have not called polk or fry's yet.


08-05-2007 07:00:23

ok so woke up this AM and now any speaker plugged into the left, either A or B will whine. i think it is the output on the receiver. any ideas?
+k for help of course!


09-05-2007 06:22:24

you might check the ohms rating of the speakers..are they different than the old ones?

also what are the ohms specifications of the receiver?

another problem could be an interference problem, but it does not sound like it.

good luck