Building A Desktop Computer

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07-05-2007 00:16:39

So over the next few months I am gonna gather the hardware to build myself a computer.

How do I determine what will fit with what?

I have an ATX case that I picked up at from EagleBit for free, will this power supply work because it is also ATX?


Case - http//


07-05-2007 04:02:32

It is better to save cash then buy all the parts at once... prices drop, new products come out..

Any ATX power supply will fit in it, but the parts determine what power supply you need.

i recommend
asus mobo
4gig of ddr2
550-700w prw supply depending if you are planing to over clock or not
Get a few extra fans also, and a zalman hsf


07-05-2007 08:13:52

You should decide how much you want to spend, and what you're going to do with it. A gaming PC is going to be different than a media PC in both price and parts.


07-05-2007 10:01:19

Whatever you do, don't cheap out on a power supply if you're building a rig with modern power hungry parts.

Brand name, efficiency, and rail amperage are far more important PSU characteristics than the listed wattage. A quality 400W PSU will be far more reliable than a cheap Chinese 600W import. And quality doesn't necessarily mean megabucks -- Fortron makes excellent budget PSU's, although my preferred brands are Enermax, Antec (their higher-end models, not entry level) and PC Power & Cooling.


07-05-2007 11:03:45

PC Power & Cooling are the best but quite pricey...