newbie trying to figure out what next ?

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04-05-2007 15:39:54

can someone help me please iam trying to do an offer for someone but after i completed it the site says i havent completed my offer ,does an offer include the referrals or can u just complete the offer?


04-05-2007 16:05:16

just the offer. you should ask the trader you trade with )

but sometimes it takes time to credit


05-05-2007 16:15:08

It may be that the offer you did was for partial credit and you completed the offer but need another 1/2 credit..

or.. it is possible that you DID do the offer but just have not received credit.
In this case you should go to the site and click the SUPPORT tab and create a support ticket for a credit request. There will be instructions there for you to do this .. including submitting the confirmation email you received with full headers. This is the proof you need for the support ticket..

Again if you need any other help you can pm me.