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03-05-2007 19:09:23

At first I thought my problem was a firefox thing, but it's doing it in IE too. I am having problems w/ how certain pages display. I notice it mostly on and paypal, but also sometimes ebay.

Let me know if you have ever had these issues, and if you have a fix for them. Usually hitting refresh a time or 2 makes it display normally, but it's still screwed up, and getting annoying. Here are screenshots of paypal and espn

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[img="b362fd6497]http//[" alt=""/imgb362fd6497]


03-05-2007 19:42:48


maybe you are not excepting them all

looks like the pages are not fully loading


03-05-2007 20:04:19

Clear all your cache, cookies, and temporary internet files.

Or actually, just use this nice utility (it's free and does the job for you) http//

I always use it.

This could happen if your temp folder is too full and it won't store any more temporary files.


03-05-2007 20:08:54

Just ran cccleaner earlier today, and cleared all of those things help...


03-05-2007 20:11:01

It could also be your internet connection, though that's probably not the case.

The pages you show look to me as if the page is cached, and was reached by from the cache on Google. O_o


03-05-2007 20:40:03

[quote2f89a8dded="TFOAF"]It could also be your internet connection, though that's probably not the case.

The pages you show look to me as if the page is cached, and was reached by from the cache on Google. O_o[/quote2f89a8dded]

How could it be my internet connection? Here's espn even worse

http//[" alt=""/img2f89a8dded]


03-05-2007 20:50:29

Could it be adblock+ I just disabled it, and they seem to be better, but I have been using that for months (w/ fliterset.g) and had no issues....


03-05-2007 20:57:30

Likely. Also firewall programs and PeerGuardian can cause similar issues.


03-05-2007 21:28:58

[quote5ae44adcd0="Tholek"]Likely. Also firewall programs and PeerGuardian can cause similar issues.[/quote5ae44adcd0]

Doesn't seem to be adblock either....It does it sometimes w/ it disabled too. I have zone alarm running, but again I've been running it forever and never had problems until recently....I'll post on the firefox support forums once....


03-05-2007 22:20:20

Hotmail displays like that for me at work sometimes. I have a T3 connection at work, but sometimes there's a network bottleneck and hotmail detects the bottleneck and feeds the page for slow connections rather than the pretty fast one. Perhaps that's what's happening to you? Are you downloading right now?


04-05-2007 07:34:45

It looks like CSS isn't loading for those pages. I'm betting they each include external (instead of inline) CSS and something about your firewall, anti-malware, or ISP is preventing those files from being downloaded by your browser.

You could do a View Source on one of the pages, find the CSS include, and try to load it manually (put the whole URL into the browser address bar). See if you get an error.

Some of the web development Firefox extensions might also tell you what the error with CSS loading is.


04-05-2007 22:04:39

I wondered if it it was something w/ CSS, but I don't know much about it. I have zone alarm, spybot, adaware, a-squared free, and avg free antivirus running.

Any ideas on how to resolve this? Thanks dmorris.


04-05-2007 22:21:46

Kill Zonealarm, close your browsers, and retry. And I mean kill Zonealarm, all of its processes.


04-05-2007 22:27:40

I'm sure it's not zonealarm, but I'll try later. My laptop (where I was having problems) is downstairs.....I'm on a different internet connection for the weekend, so I should be able to figure out if it's the ISP.


06-05-2007 14:33:59

Must be either my router or ISP, b/c running everything like normal on a different internet connection everything worked as it should....oh well...I'll figure it out later this week hopefully....


06-05-2007 16:58:09

Have you tried using another computer, accessing the same site in your household?


06-05-2007 17:18:21

http//[" alt=""/imge6d6c37f0e]


06-05-2007 17:50:28

I'm 90% sure it was something w/ my vonage router. I reset the thing, and everything has been fine since.


06-05-2007 18:15:36

This also happens when I try to visit freeipodguide on my other computer using internet explorer. It works fine in firefox though.. it's just like the images don't load.. but they work fine on other sites. That computer also has zone alarm...


06-05-2007 18:38:55

Sites look like that at my work, something with the firewall or proxy.