Vista worth installing?

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01-05-2007 17:35:01

i have windows vista i got for free from a promotion a while back

i have yet to install it on my computer due to time constraints.
i have a new Dell E1505 i bought a year ago.

100 gb hardrive
1 gb ram
2 ghz proccesor

is vista worth installing?


01-05-2007 17:36:02



01-05-2007 17:40:27


What is the video card? That makes a huge difference...


01-05-2007 17:41:29

Woah, what happened to Wolfeman? His avatar is completely different!


01-05-2007 17:46:15

don't install it.

I just got my upgrade copy yesterday, and I installed it and now my PC is basically shit. It runs slower than a turtle in molasses.


01-05-2007 17:56:41

This from the powertogether thing?

I have that and office, and I haven't broken the seal on either yet. I'ma too scared. I even got an upgrade disc for my laptop in the mail last week. I just like to look at it. )


01-05-2007 17:58:55

when i upgraded to Vista it was a pain in the ass...the upgrade doesn't transfer shit from your old computer the way it should. They claim they have a easy transfer program well it works like crap. I finally did get everything straightened out but it was a huge pain in the ass.


01-05-2007 18:26:38

This answers all the questions



01-05-2007 18:43:44

Just dual boot. taht way you can have the best of both worlds...thats what i do. i spend most my gaming time in XP, but if i am just browsing the net or somehting, why not mess with vista. its pretty and fun for browsing and what not, but gaming i would still go with XP until you have vista exclusive and or dx10 games.


01-05-2007 18:44:10

alright, sounds like im not going to install it i jsut dont see the positive things its going to accomplish. i will deal with it later on when the service packs come out and the initial issues are worked out.

was from the powertogether promotion, i dont do much gaming so XP works fine for me as of now mainly use computer as a media center.