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01-05-2007 11:10:44

I'm getting ready to build a website and I would like some input on the pros and cons of Linux. Any help would be appreciated...


01-05-2007 11:30:56

Oh boy, is that a loaded question. lol


li Free
li Stable
li Secure
li Extremely flexible full featured out of the box


li Steep learning curve if you have no linix admin experience

I run all of my servers on Linux, and only Linux. However I've been using it for 10-11 years now, so it's natural to me. For a new user that's only ever used Windows, it can be intimidating to admin a Linux server. Although the desktop usability gap is closing between Linux and Windows, running a server still requires some adeptness at command-line work.

However the payoff is worth it, IMO.


01-05-2007 11:42:23

I guess maybe I should expound.
I have quite a bit of experience designing sites with html and java, but it has always been for other people. I've never had the need to run my own site. Fortunately, I only need something simple - it's basically to display the goats I'm selling and so forth.
The hosting company I've decided on offers both Linux and Windows, but the Linux is much more flexible and the Windows is much more pricey.


01-05-2007 13:29:36

Linux hosting won't require you to know anything about Linux, other than the facts that Dmorris said. I always go with Linux hosting since I know the programs used are open source, secure, and fast.

Most likely the reason the Windows package is more expensive is because it includes maintenance fees because Windows computers weren't meant to be run for days on end without human intervention wink


01-05-2007 13:43:21

Thanks so much for the info D


01-05-2007 14:40:55

Ah, my bad, didn't realize you were just talking about a hosting plan. I thought you were going to setup and run a server yourself.

In that case, if you can do everything you need through cPanel or a similar admin interface, then you won't notice much of a difference in the admin skills required. I'd definitely go with Linux in that case.


01-05-2007 14:50:26

Just don't make a freebie site )


01-05-2007 18:16:58

[quote8c4d3772e3="O4F-Manofice"]Just don't make a freebie site )[/quote8c4d3772e3]

haha, intimidating the competition.


03-05-2007 10:51:32

Linux is a more simple Operating System and uses less memory. It runs faster and more proficient than windows, because not much bogs it down. If you are putting just static HTML pages online, you can go with either. If you plan to use dynamic pages, that is a little different.

If you plan to run any PHP, you should stick with a linux server. It is more adept to run on linux.

If you plan to run any ASP, you should go with the windows server, as ASP is optimized for Windows Servers.

ASP is pretty much the only reason to host on a Windows server if you will not be doing the admin yourself.

I hope this helps.


03-05-2007 10:57:10

Thanks for the help )