Need Recommendation: Memory Stick Duo Pro

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24-04-2007 06:08:50

I just bought a used PSP and am looking to buy a memory card for it. I am looking to get a 4gb memory stick to load games/hombrew onto. There was a recent deal on SlickDeals but I was too slow and missed out on it.

Anyone have any good recommendations? I need one that is 4gb, fast, and relatively cheap. I dont really want to wait for another deal on SlickDeals as I am going on vacation soon.

Thanks in advance.


24-04-2007 14:35:41

Newegg has the SanDisk Ultra II (High Speed) MS Pro Duo for about $93 shipped.


That's pretty good since a standard speed Sony or Sandisk will run you nearly $80 at the cheapest trustworthy vendors.


24-04-2007 18:57:20

I've been thinking of getting a 4GB too, you didn't miss out on the lexar deal if that's what you're talking about since they suck and so do their rebates.

The Sandisk 4GB (standard or "gaming" which is BS anyway) is going for around $65-$70 at many places (frys, amazon, etc...) so I'd just get that. You don't get any speed bonus on a PSP for gaming, although it is faster for transferring files to and from it so go for it if that's important to you. You could also go for it if you think you'll use it for a Sony digicam down the road.

You can get that high speed stick that dmorris mentioned at for $83 shipped if you use a first time google checkout account.


02-05-2007 12:02:46

Sorry, but the best way to still find the lowest price is to go on ebay and make a purchase. They are so oversaturated, they have to offer lower than wholesale just to get a sale.

I recently got a 1GB DUO for $13 shipping included!

Best of Luck!


02-05-2007 12:04:44

Forgive me if I'm not remembering this correctly, but isn't/wasn't eBay flooded with counterfeit sticks? (Ones stating more capacity than they had)


02-05-2007 12:32:34

Not the one I had. You just have read the description, if it says something like

As good as the name brand

Then don't purchase it. There are SanDisk and Sony 4 GB Sticks for 35.00 on Ebay as of this writing, (but the auctions will end in a few minutes) and there are plenty more as well.

The only other things you MIGHT have to watch out for is if it is shipped from another country. It will still be the same, it may just take awhile to get there.

If you feel uneasy on ebay, then I suggest Newegg or TigerDirect.

I, (personally) feel that you just pay way too much when you shop at these places, however. I use ebay for just about everything I need, and I am never disappointed.


02-05-2007 12:52:07

No, you don't understand. I actually [ic34265cecf]mean[/ic34265cecf] counterfeit. As in, "being sold as the real thing, but isn't". I seem to remember...ah, here we go


Specifically http//


02-05-2007 13:18:53

Yeah ebay is NOT the place to buy memory sticks even though I have bought one there before. The prices are low because of the counterfeits rather than oversaturation.


02-05-2007 13:34:51

I love noobs who think they know things, and don't.


02-05-2007 13:38:46

Homebrew emulators are the best. That's basically what I use my PSP for...when I use it. And of course Twisted Metal Head On, and Burnout. Burnout owns...but it lacks online play. (


02-05-2007 15:52:01

I got a 4 gig for $70 after rebates from


03-05-2007 10:44:34

Well, I withdraw my statement. I was trying to give some money saving advice, because I have memory sticks that work perfectly fine from Ebay that are NOT counterfeit, but I apologize for wasting your time with my posts.

Clearly Ebay isn't the way to go in your case, so I will post my apologies and move on.

Best of luck on your Memory stick hunt. I hope you find a great deal.