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23-04-2007 16:38:22

This should be painfully obvious, and maybe it's just because I've been studying for finals all day, but...

Where is the IE history folder located for IE7 on XP? (I want the actual folder location, not just "here's how to view your history in IE). Thanks!


23-04-2007 17:18:33

C\Documents and Settings\JennyWren\Local Settings

That's where it is for 6.0. If it's changed, you're on your own.


24-04-2007 01:31:09

The scary thing is that there's a C\Documents and Settings\JennyWren\Local Settings on my PC too... ;)


24-04-2007 07:28:33

? really?'s not in there on mine. Humph. The problem is that I need to find a page I was at about 3 weeks ago. I know the date, but IE just clumps things that far back into week-sized chunks, then sorts by alphabetical order in the ctrl-h history. Too much to search through.


24-04-2007 08:13:00

Are you admin on your PC? If so just switch it to that instead of JennyWren. Basically whatever your login is should be the folder you're looking in.

Like "C\Documents and Settings\TheySayJump\Local Settings\History".

If you still don't see it, you might have it hidden. Input the location in the explorer address bar to go directly to it.


24-04-2007 08:55:06

Interesting, I have "show hidden files" turned on, but it didn't show the folder. However, typing it into the address bar as you suggested worked. Unfortunately it's still just clumped by "3 weeks ago", there's no details as to the dates modified, etc.

Ah well. Thanks for your help, anyhow!


24-04-2007 09:02:43

Are you certain you aren't logged in under a different name?


24-04-2007 10:01:22


The cookies folder is actually in "C\Documents and Settings\TheySayJump\Local Settings\Cookies" but I can't browse to the folder, I have to type in \Cookies in the address bar when I get to "C\Documents and Settings\TheySayJump\Local Settings\" and it shows up.


24-04-2007 10:26:20

It must be hidden. It sounds like what happens for content.IE5, but you should be able to unhide cookies and history globally.


24-04-2007 12:05:13

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25-04-2007 19:49:58

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