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23-04-2007 12:45:10

I'm moding my ps2 and before I screw it up I have a few questions.

Here is the diagram from the chips website.

My question is, for step 1 and 2 am I supposed to trace the paths and sodder the wire into the hole the path leads to? Or an I supposed to solder directly to the gold plates? I just can't imaging that because the plates aren't much bigger than 30 gauge wire.


23-04-2007 13:08:42

I've never modded a chip, but I've soldered many a chip myself.

I would say to go for the holes. That said, almost every board is multilayered, so make sure you are actually getting at the right holes. If you hold the board up under a bright light you should be able to see the lines in the middle layers.


24-04-2007 08:34:10

When my friend showed me his ps2 mod job...I thought wholey crap. I'm pretty sure he soldered onto the trace paths. The ps2 seems to be the hardest system to solder/mod. I know I wouldn't have been able to do what he did and I've soldered mod chips before for other systems.