Help me find this cable... Please!

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22-04-2007 21:02:55

I need a 20-25ft polarized ac power cable, it will look like this.

http//[" alt=""/img8fa280cd6a]

if anyone knows where I can get one longer than 6ft please let me know, if have been searching everywhere!


22-04-2007 21:44:08

How come you can't use a 6ft cable with an easily found extension cord? You shouldn't have any problems with polarity as most extensions nowadays seem to respect polarity (one side of the socket larger than the other). I guess maybe you're running it outside...


22-04-2007 22:22:24

I am getting a new lcd panel and the way I want to mount it requires a long cable


23-04-2007 04:41:34

If you can't find it for sale, AC cables are incredibly simple to make/hack. Just go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy a length of flat 12-gauge 2-conductor black wire. Note the polarity (which side of connector aligns with wide spade of plug), then cut the plug off, leaving about 6 inches. Splice in the longer cable length to the cut end, then splice the plug back on being sure to maintain proper polarity (or just add a new plug which you can also buy at HD).

If you do it right, using heat shrink tubing (not electrical tape, which comes loose and leaves messy residue over time) it'll look neat and professional.


23-04-2007 11:43:25

Thanks for the advice dmorris, while I would rather pay extra to buy one online, I think that may end up being my only option.