Is anyone else not receiving PM's

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17-04-2007 19:20:34

I'm not receiving PM's at my email address.
Is something going on????


17-04-2007 19:36:08

You don't receive PM's at your e-mail address, you receive them in your PM inbox here on the board. You should get a little box that pops up when you have a new PM, and you'll see the menu at the top of the page (under the "I came; I saw; I got free stuff" tagline) reflect new PM's since your last login. You can always click that link to get to your PM inbox.


17-04-2007 20:16:53

Also, there is an option in your Profile settings that allows you to be emailed when you get PMed. It is the 4th setting under "Preferences" and it reads

Notify on new Private Message

Make sure to select "Yes", then scroll all the way down and click on "Submit". After that, you will get an email whenever you have a new PM.