Is dual core necessary for computer users?

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17-04-2007 08:15:50

I use my computer quite a bit but I'm still running pentium 4's at the moment, I'm thinking about upgrading to dual cores but I know nothing about them except the fact that they run faster than Pentium 4's and can multitask much better. However, I don't have the funds to buy new computers right now and I know most of you guys are running dual cores right now so I was wondering if I need to upgrade or do you guys think only power users who run power applications should upgrade to dual core?

I do no gaming or video editing but I don't transfer a shit load of files to different computers and burn alot of movies and cds.


17-04-2007 10:50:45

I am currently upgrading to a c2d, just bought the my motherboard for it...

I do not play games that much, however I was starting to get annoyed by vista, because I like to do a lot of things at once and needed more power(ie making DVDs via windows dvd maker, listening to music, aim, msn, firefox with 10 tabs aways open) usually making a dvd takes up most of my cpu(3.2 w/ ht)

I like to have everything done fast


17-04-2007 17:46:59

dual cores are nice.....with a single core you dedicate that processor to whatever process you are running. but with a dual core you can dedicate one core to ripping a movie while you use teh other for everything else. thus you do not see any lag doing multiple operations becuase they are not sharing one processor, but each have dedicated cores......its like having 2 processors in one. they are nice.


20-04-2007 11:25:38

I love my dual core, although I still get slow downs with vista, and runs beautifully in xp )