Is my computer fucked?

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14-04-2007 16:53:08

I have a Dell Dimension 5150 from freepay a couple years back and the POS gives me no video and beeps..... like 5 to 6 times...

no power to the keyboard, mouse is fucked and I really don't have the money to buy a new pc.....

Any ideas.....?

Dell Dimension 5150 computer.... I have Vista installed.


14-04-2007 17:02:38

Did you mess with anything inside the case?

And did the problem happen right after you installed vista?


14-04-2007 17:04:11

All I did was change the boot order, then changed it back..... I added a wifi adapter.... that's for xp but worked for vista.


14-04-2007 18:02:35

have you tried a destructive restore?


14-04-2007 18:30:41

Take out the wifi adapter and try again.


14-04-2007 19:13:54

It was the memory stick that was screwed, I pulled it out and it worked again I'm wondering if I should use that stick in a different slot since maybe the slot is screwed....


14-04-2007 19:44:45

I doubt the slot is messed up, probably just the ram.


20-04-2007 12:47:04

For future Reference, Count the beeps, and google "post codes" that'll give you a general Idea of where the problem lies. ) hope that helps.