AVG users: what do you do when virus detected.....

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14-04-2007 07:08:21

do you heal or move to vault?

what is the difference between the two options?

Just wondering. I usually move to "Vault" but i wanted to know which is safer or what i should do.


never mind, it automatically Heals, moves to Vault, and Deletes i guess...



14-04-2007 13:19:33

I always move to vault. Healing is an attempt to remove the virus and leave the rest of the file, which almost never leaves a usable file (especially with an EXE). I move to vault, examine the vault and logs to see what was found, then delete from vault.


15-04-2007 20:49:00

Wow...I do the same thing as dmorris ) Now I can feel good about myself