Two e-mail addresses

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13-04-2007 07:21:01

I accidently created two e-mail addresses, and wanted to know if I can delete one of them.


13-04-2007 08:40:02

Is it super important that you delete one? I'd just use the one I wanted, and whoever you signed up for email with will deal with the other eventually.


17-04-2007 00:00:17

You do not need to delet the second address. I myself have 6 email addresses, at different sites, for different reasons.

A good way to keep them separate is to make one your primary email for business related things, and the second address for all your personal emails.


17-04-2007 02:15:26

Managing multiple accounts becomes easy as pie with a client, like Outlook or Thunderbird. I really don't know how people get by with one account. It's like wearing one shoe. )