xbox 360 controller for PC troubles

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12-04-2007 12:19:03

Hey everyone,
ok so i have a xbox 360 controller that i have hooked up to my computer, it seems to be working great except when i fired up NHL 06 and get the puck my player just constanly spins in circles or deek spins constantly....i have uninstalled drivers, reinstalled drivers, tried 3rd party drivers and everything and cant get this to work..could it be that my 360 controller is bad? i really want to get this working. all help would be great. thanks


12-04-2007 15:06:18

Have you tried re-calibrating the sticks? It sounds like it's either a calibration issue or it's just an incompatibility issue with the game... If it's the latter, you might want to look to see if there are any patches for the game that will fix the issue.