My Program Files Folder disappeared!

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11-04-2007 19:26:35

hey everyone.
ok so i went to my computer and then local disc today and my program files folder is gone?! i was going to add some music to my NHL 06 playlist and when i look in my local disc there was no program files folder! all my programs run and everything,. but where did the info go? i am pretty confused about this so all help would be appreciated. thanks


11-04-2007 19:46:31

Did you make it hidden by any chance?


11-04-2007 19:49:16

i just checked. there it is, the heck could it have become hidden? i never changed the properties?,,,hmmm thanks for the heads up though. i appreciate it.


11-04-2007 21:06:39

If you did a new windows install or haven't dealt w/ it on the current machine, it is often hidden by default.


11-04-2007 21:29:38

i never did a fresh windows install or anything like that. last time i reformated and reinstalled was about 3 months ago. my program files folder was always there. i did just install NHL 06. i dont know if that somehow hid it. i dunno. it just confused me.