Paging system? Is this what i Need?

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10-04-2007 15:03:00

My dad's friends business needs a new paging system. His previous model was Bogen, and all he told me was that he picks up a microphone or hits a button and speaks into it, and folks from the other room hear it. Basic stuff. Would this be all he needs?

You just get so much shenanigans when you search ebay for Paging system of amplifier. I Want to make sure thats what I need =/ Any input would be grand. Thanks in advance and +K to anyone who helps.


11-04-2007 21:02:42

I looked at the paging system. As long as he has the output jacks this model takes (which he may have if his last model was a Bogen) and all he is replacing is the unit itself, then that is all he would need. It runs on standard AC.